A Good Life

Strengthening the Worlds We Share

New Clear Peace promotes The Golden Thread — a guide for indi­viduals to navigate social tensions, and a model for the worlds we share to end it.

Social tensions often lurk beneath the surface of our inter­ac­tions and rela­tion­ships, casting a long shadow over our well-being. It saps our energy and focus, causing us distress and creating divi­sions that fracture the worlds we share. As the vast collective of humanity, by now, we should have evolved towards a common under­standing that allows us to navigate our diverse cultures, differing opinions, and competing interests. But against the backdrop of the ongoing battle for our hearts and minds, depending on our natural incli­nation is not enough.

As we weave The Golden Thread into the fabric of our lives, it creates the condi­tions for us to uncover the timeless creed of humanity, buried beneath the layers of injustice that have plagued our planet for centuries. And so, we are able to firmly plant our flag and declare how we will bring about a world where peace and harmony prevails.