About Us

New Clear Peace was born out of recog­nising that a country’s struggle to address its chal­lenges are inex­tri­cably linked to our struggle as indi­viduals, couples, families, groups, commu­nities, and organ­i­sa­tions to face our chal­lenges and reach our potential.

In 2020, the founder of New Clear Peace made a submission to the South African Human Rights Commission. They said that it was a compelling argument that the consti­tution of South Africa does not define and establish the people of South Africa as a political socio-economic idea and reality. Indi­viduals and social and economic forma­tions are left to establish the people of South Africa based on a phrase that we are we “united in diversity” and a bill of rights. There is no common under­standing of how our indi­viduals and multitude of cultures from every world we share come together to give rise to the people of South Africa — if a country consists of multiple cultures, what precisely consti­tutes the culture of a nation? This puts society, democracy, and the devel­opment of laws on a regressive path. People are left with no sense of meaning and belonging as the people of South Africa beyond national symbols.

Subse­quent research led to the real­i­sation that the consti­tution of every country only defines and estab­lishes its government. But consid­ering the idea that the people contracts government to govern, the two parties should remain distin­guishable, each with its own consti­tution that defines them and their respon­si­bil­ities towards each other. And together, the two consti­tu­tions form the contract and the consti­tution of the country.

New Clear Peace does not believe in partic­i­pating in a system that is designed to frus­trate change and maintain the status quo. We are are focused on improving the lives of people and the worlds they share. It is a funda­mental part of changing the system.