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When we under­stand ourselves better, we can uphold our natural state and achieve our purpose. It leads to a happy life and universal coop­er­ation, natural order.

Individuals — We, live better

Our natural state has a process and structure. When we are mindful of its process, we can coop­erate with it. When we are mindful of its structure, we can maintain the position of its parts. When we are mindful of how and why our world disrupts it, we can guard it. Thus, we live a balanced happy life, which inclines us to seek the best ways to nourish and sustain our natural state.

Coop­er­ation. Having our purpose and natural state in common with others improves coop­er­ation between us and our family, friends, colleagues and orga­ni­za­tions that we form a part of. The ease by which we coop­erate is an extension of our systems oper­ating the same, co-oper­ating; we are in sync.

Tolerance. New Clear Peace provides the under­standing of how we are unique; and how each aspect of our diversity is held within our natural state. We also under­stand the difference between us and those whose natural state is disrupted. Thus, we are tolerant of our differ­ences and patient with each other.

Thus, we are free to live better.

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